Eddie Deirmenjian is an actor, comedian, and filmmaker with a magical smile he attributes to his two sets of dimples. He performs stand up all over Southern California, including such venues as Flappers Comedy Club and The Comedy Store.

Additionally, Eddie writes, directs, and produces way too many independent movies. His signature shorts, “That’s How Sinatra Rolls, Kid!” and “Direct to Your Door,” have played at film festivals all over the world.

Eddie graduated cum laude from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, to which most people respond, “I don’t care.” He also studied improv and sketch at the Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade.

When asked where he saw himself in 10 years, Eddie responded by running out of his house, wildly swinging a croquet mallet, and screaming, “This is the last time I tell you to stop going to the bathroom in my mailbox!”